We supply on site containment for both liquid and solid waste. Waste removal and transportation to disposal or transfer site are services we also offer. Non hazardous waste only. Primarily construction waste, scrap metal and septic.

As a company, we recycle and re-use as much of the waste products as we possibly can.


We supply site septic holding tanks for construction or oil field sites. Vacuum trucks are maintained contaminant free to prevent contamination of sewage lagoons. All septic waste is delivered to Alberta government approved sewage lagoons for treatment and disposal.

Septic service is available for both commercial and rural customers.


We supply bins, transportation, recycling and disposal of construction, household and scrap waste. We recycle, repurpose and reuse what we can and landfill the remainder.


Metal scrap is sorted for resale to repurpose or for recycling. Call to find out what is for sale or if you have scrap to salvage. Bins are available in various sizes to be delivered to your site.


Wood is sorted from construction waste to help reduce the use of landfills and transportation costs down. Wood is used for building material or firewood. Bins available to put your construction waste in.


Cardboard is separated from construction waste then bundled and sent for recycling. Bins available for separate recyclables.


Beverage containers gathered in separate containers or sorted from other waste. Recycle containers available in various sizes.


Manure is used directly as fertilizer or composted then used as fertilizer or potting soil. Manure or compost with or without transportation available for large industrial or residential needs.